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What people are saying about THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE and DON’T STAND SO CLOSE…

Friday, August 30th, 2013

“In our mythos of the Old West, there are bad guys and even badder guys, But Eric Red’s are the biggest, baddest guys of all…”

–- Jack Ketchum

“With THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, Eric Red delivers a wild mash-up of action-thriller and bloody horror. This one really digs its claws into you from page one to last bite. Fast, furious, and wickedly fun. Highly recommended.”

–- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of FIRE & ASH and EXTINCTION MACHINE

“It’s THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN meets DOG SOLDIERS! Taut, action packed and gory as hell! I couldn’t put it down!”

–- Arrow In The Head at

THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE is available in trade paperback and eBook at

“Eric Red brings his considerable talent as a screenwriter to bear on this powerful tale of sexual adventure and teenage turmoil. Erotic and suspenseful, breathlessly narrated, incisively characterized, DON’T STAND SO CLOSE had me in its grip until I finished it at a single sitting.”

–- Ramsey Campbell, author of THE GRIN OF THE DARK

“In DON’T STAND SO CLOSE, Eric Red takes what, at first, seems like a typical teen ‘coming-of-age’ sex romp and leads it down a very dark and twisted path. Being ‘Hot For Teacher’ has never been more disturbing.”

–- Nancy A. Collins, author of SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK

“Titillating and original.”

–- Joel Schumacher, director of THE LOST BOYS, FLATLINERS and FALLING DOWN

“DON’T STAND SO CLOSE is a riveting coming-of-age thriller. Heartbreaking, nail-biting, compelling and deeply insightful. Highly recommended for any teen who stands with one foot in the shadows.”

–- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of ROT & RUIN AND DUST & DECAY

DON’T STAND SO CLOSE is available in hardcover, trade paperback and ebook at

Eric Red to write & direct Jonathan Maberry’s DEAD OF NIGHT!

Saturday, July 13th, 2013


Legendary screenwriter/director ERIC RED has just inked a deal with New York Times bestseller JONATHAN MABERRY to adapt the author’s bestselling zombie novel DEAD OF NIGHT for the screen. Red is also attached to direct.

ERIC RED is the screenwriter or the cult favorites NEAR DARK, THE HITCHER as well as the director of BODY PARTS, BAD MOON and COHEN AND TATE.

JONATHAN MABERRY is a NY Times bestseller and winner of four Bram Stoker Awards, as well as a writer for Marvel Comics. His teen zombie novel, ROT & RUIN, is also in development for film.

About DEAD OF NIGHT by Jonathan Maberry
(St. Martin’s Griffin: available in trade paperback, eBookand audio)

A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave. But all drugs have unforeseen side-effects. Before he could be buried, the killer wakes up. Hungry. Infected. Contagious.

Small town cop Dez Fox and her partner JT are caught in a wave of murder as everyone they know and love die…only to rise again as the ravenous living dead. If Dez and JT can’t contain the plague inside the town limits, the infection will spread beyond all control.

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang…but a bite.

Praise for DEAD OF NIGHT:

“Fans of the genre willwant—absolutely—to read this highly entertaining yarn. – BOOKLIST

“Gruesome, imaginative andgrateful to its inspirations.” –KIRKUS

“Maberry grounds the story withscientific confidence, spares no attention to detail, and presents the undeadas more than faceless targets.” -Publishers Weekly

“Jonathan Maberry is the top gunwhen it comes to zombies, and with DEAD OF NIGHT, he’s at the top of hisgame. Frankly, I’m shocked by howeffortlessly he moves between the lofty intellectual heights of T.S. Eliot’spoetry and the savage carnality of the kill. DEAD OF NIGHT develops with the fevered pace of a manhunt, and yet stillmanages to hit all the right notes. Strap in, because Maberry’s latest is one hell of a wild ride. I loved it.” – JoeMcKinney, author of Dead City andFLESH EATERS

“Jonathan Maberry has created anhomage to death itself and an homage to the undead that is as poetic as it isterrifying. It’s a brand new andintriguingly fresh slant on the zombie genre that we all love!” -John A. Russo co-screenwriter of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

“Maberry is a master at writingscenes that surge and hum with tension. The pacing is relentless. Hepresses the accelerator to the floor and never lets up, taking you on a ridethat leaves your heart pounding. It’salmost impossible to put this book down. Dead of Night is an excellent read.” —S.G. Browne, author of BREATHERS

“It would be enough to saythat Jonathan Maberry had topped himself yetagain with an epic zombie novel that is as much fun as it is terrifying. But that he has also created a story of such tremendous heart and socialrelevance only further cements his place as a master of the genre. Italso doesn’t hurt that in DEAD OF NIGHT he has created one of the mostcompelling heroines I’ve read in years. Dead of Night blew me away!” –Ryan Brown – Author ofPLAY DEAD

“Once again, Jonathan Maberrydoes what he does best; Take proven science, synthesize it and create somethingtruly terrifying. In DEAD OF NIGHT, Maberrylays the groundwork for a Bioweapon that could very well create zombies in thereal world. Combining great characters (Ifell in love with Dez Fox from the moment she was introduced) and taut,blindingly fast action, DEAD OF NIGHT, is a runaway bullet train of a ride.This is Jonathan Maberry’s best writing yet.” –GregSchauer, owner Between Books, Claymont, DE

“Dead of Night stands droopedhead and lurching shoulders above most zombie novels. The nightmare increasesexponentially – from minor outbreak to major crisis with unstoppable speed,building to a heart-stopping climax you won’t be able to put down.” –David Moody, author of the HATER and AUTUMN books