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My novel THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE made the publisher’s Top 5 Bestsellers list this week.

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

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Boobs, babes, werewolves, sea monsters–I stick to the exploitation movie poster basics for my book covers!

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

“Eric Red works his literary magic at full force, providing an entertaining and fascinating genre hybrid. If werewolves and westerns are your bag, THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE will be your huckleberry.” –Fangoria.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

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My new werewolf western novel, THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, from Samhain Publishing just made the publisher’s top 5 bestseller list.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

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“THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE is an old-fashioned, well-made dime novel, doing Louis L’Amour, Elmore Leonard and Richard Matheson proud” –Bookgasm.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

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Good review on Bookgasm for my new werewolf western novel THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE!

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Eric Red kicked in the doors and smacked me around in the mid-1980s. His scripts for NEAR DARK and, in particular,  THE HITCHER were the stuff of geek dreams. His writing had precision-tooled, B-movie mechanics and plots built with a merciless, gleeful desire to give the people what they want in ways that surprised us.

His best work, in my humble opinion, emerged when he directed his own hit-man masterpiece, COHEN & TATE, where mean and funny and brutal and thrilling all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” as Roy Scheider (fucking Roy Scheider!) and Adam Baldwin duke it out over the delivery of a 12-year-old eyewitness to their mafia bosses.

I’ve kept up with his film work, but I had no idea he’s been producing horror and other pulp fictions on the page for some time, too. Samhain Publishing now releases a short novel that displays a characteristic panache.

THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE has, at its core, a plot almost as perfect as SNAKES ON A PLANE: werewolves in the Old West. A vicious pack of banditos has holed up in a small-town church, terrorizing and daily snacking on the townsfolk. One young citizen sneaks away, hoping to convince some other vicious pack of bandits to ride in, melt down the silver and plug the lycanthropes. There isn’t a Western or werewolf cliché Red doesn’t welcome into the saloon.

As in his movies, the familiar is served up neat, no chaser; there’s an economy to his storytelling that will reward readers looking for the rush of mayhem. It’s an old-fashioned, well-made dime novel, doing Louis L’Amour, Elmore Leonard and Richard Matheson proud. And there’s a bite of Tabasco in the shot, small doses of razor wit: a gunslinger asking about a hapless civilian, “Who’s the sombrero?”; a drunken prisoner carefully sizing up his escape plan while a wolf man rips up the cells.

My only caution is that it’s relentlessly familiar: the saloons and slang; the virginal, feisty Mexican woman love interest; THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN thug-vs.-thug match-up at the core of the plot. I had hoped to be kicked out of the saddle a little more often. Still, the book begins at a gallop and never lets up.

Once again, Red delivers the pulp goods. And it’d make a helluva film. —Mike Reynolds

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Saturday, October 12th, 2013

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Check out the official book trailer for THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, my new werewolf western novel from Samhain Publishing!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

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“They’re hired guns.  The best at what they do.  They’ve left bodies in their wake across the West.  But this job is different.  It’ll take all their skill and courage.  And very special bullets.  Because their targets this time won’t be shooting back.  They’ll fight back with ripping claws, tearing fangs and animal cunning.  They’re werewolves.  A pack of bloodthirsty wolfmen has taken over a small Mexican village, and the gunmen are the villagers’ last hope.  The light of the full moon will reveal the deadliest showdown the West has ever seen—three men with six-shooters facing off against snarling, inhuman monsters.”

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“It’s THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN meets DOG SOLDIERS! Taut, action packed and gory as hell! I couldn’t put it down!” –- Arrow in the Head at on my new werewolf western novel, THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Coming in trade paperback and eBook from Samhain Publishing Nov. 5th. Available for pre-order now at

Good book review of THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE on Hellnotes!

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Reviewed by Michael R. Collings

For connoisseurs of the Old West, Eric Red’s The Guns of Santa Sangre has all the elements of a classic:

*It opens with a fast-and-furious stagecoach heist;

*It has outlaws who, beneath their coarse exterior, boast hearts of gold;

*It has cruel, corrupt representatives of the law, who deserve everything that happens to them, and more;

*It has touches of Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven…with perhaps a tiny wink in the direction of The Three Amigos;

*It has sacrifice and heartbreak;

*It has a beautiful heroine disguised as a boy, even though the disguise isn’t exactly perfect;

*It has a town drunk who hides a secret that has kept him alive…and acts as the key to his redemption;

*It has gunplay and horseplay;

*It has a treasure in silver waiting for the taking;

*It ends with the heroes riding off into the sunset, justice…and love…having prevailed.

And…oh yes!…it has WEREWOLVES!

Somehow, though, everything weaves together nicely to create a fun, rapid-paced yarn. The werewolves are given enough background to make their presence entirely logical; and the remaining—human—characters run true-to-type without quite becoming stereotypes. Their actions are at once unique to each and representative of what one would expect in a good Western.

Three gunslingers on the run from an American bounty hunter and the Mexican authorities meet a young Mexican peasant who convinces them to help his small village, now overrun by ruffians who have made their headquarters in the local church. Their reward: the silver statues and other artifacts in the church. All they need to do is kill the ruffians.

Sounds simple enough. Three against a dozen or so…no problem.

Until, of course, one factors in the supernatural. Ruffians killed by day rise again in the night as werewolves, insatiably hungry for human flesh…and they’ve almost run out of villagers.

Quick, smooth, easily read, The Guns of Santa Sangre satisfies on both accounts. It is an almost filmic rendition of the time-honored traditions of the Western, with a deftly handled incursion of the unnatural, with the two blended into a single, intriguing story.

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